Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software

Take Flight When You’re Powered by Fluix

As a pilot, you often find yourself on the move. Whether you’re making your way through a busy airport to get to your next flight or high up in the clouds in command of a jet, you really can’t afford to be bogged down with a big, bulky, nondynamic paper flight bag. Schlepping 40 pounds of flight papers might be a good workout, but it can lead to physical strain and injury. Moreover, it’s far from ideal airline document management. It’s also outdated and impractical and takes up a lot of room in the cockpit, especially for multiple pilots.

Securing the Bag

The electronic flight bag brings you smoothly into the 21st century. Gone is that heavy, unwieldy bag of flight documents that wears you out. This faster, lightweight and easier-to-manage option gives you all the information of your old paper bag and then some in a form that’s much more portable and storable. Zip through the terminal with all the information you need at your fingertips in a mobile device that’s no heavier than a laptop. The EFB also represents a smarter and more secure alternative to traditional paper flight bags thanks to the use of device protection protocols and the processing power to perform complex calculations on the spot.

Finding the Right Electronic Flight Bag

Let’s cut to the chase. The best electronic flight bag means having the best electronic flight bag software. What’s the point of having a lightweight EFB with bloated, lethargic and difficult-to-use applications? You need a solution for aircraft records management that improves your productivity with the following characteristics:

You need a software solution that pairs perfectly with your FAA-approved device to help you work smarter, faster and better.

Considering a Team-Minded Approach

While many people commonly see the pilot as the face of aviation, modern flight is a group effort. From the in-flight crew to air traffic controllers to field personnel, it takes a team effort for a successful launch and landing at the intended destination. An EFB software solution elevates airline operations by providing a powerful tool that connects the various team members involved in the different aspects of flight operations for real-time information sharing, data exchange, workflow process completion and communication.

Seeing the Fluix Difference

Fluix is your solution for EFB software that not only works for your pilots but the entire team as well. It’s the lean solution that boosts productivity in an easily deployed package that, in addition to eliminating paper bulk and waste, offers several benefits to the way you do business:

Electronic flight bag solutions that really work for your entire team are achievable and implementable with Fluix.

Crunching the Numbers

This sounds well and good, but at the end of the day, numbers matter. Improvements to your aviation operations aren’t just in the eye of the beholder, especially when they translate to time and money saved. Our ROI calculator allows you to adjust parameters such as number of employees, hourly rates, work hours and paper/travel costs to see the potential savings you can realize with Fluix as your airline document management solution.

Giving Fluix a Try

We’re so confident that Fluix is the right move for your organization that we’re offering a free 14-day trial so you can experience the benefits firsthand. There’s no credit card required. Contact us directly in the United States at +1 650 433 9008 or Europe at +44 2392 16 2010 to see how Fluix can help your flight operations soar higher.